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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Bespoke tailoring is an exciting collaboration between customer and clothier of concepts style colours patterns cloth suitability seasons and trends rather than an exact science. The very nature of organic materials, wools, cottons, fibres, patterns and dyes can produce surprising results when an idea is translated into a finished garment. Photographic images may not absolutely capture reality and whilst swatches are a very helpful guide there can be slight variance to shades and texture which may not reveal all design in the weft and warp which are beyond the control of Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd. Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd reserve the right to use our best judgement and the services of many reputable mills, agents and suppliers worldwide to obtain the closest colour and pattern match to meet each customer selection. Our aim is always to delight clients in terms of product excellence nevertheless a unique or avant‐garde creation may not always appear as it did in the imagination of the client and more usually Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd surpass client expectations.

General Disclaimer

Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd goes to great lengths to ensure it meets customer expectations and measures each customer in order to produce items of clothing which fit as specified by the customer. Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd will always deal with the customer’s order in accordance with our obligations and of course the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumers Regulations 2002.


Should a customer not be satisfied with either the quality or the fit of the ordered items(s) Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd will, after inspection of the goods, follow a strict policy of alter, replace and finally refund. A refund can only be processed following the procedures of alter and replace, and certainly not before the third fitting. For the avoidance of doubt, the first fitting is defined as the first time the Supplier delivers the physical garment for fitting with the Customer. Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd retains ultimate discretion on whether a product is deemed faulty or not.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase

“Customer” means any person who is purchasing items from the Supplier.

“Supplier” means Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd

“Goods” means any product ordered by the customer


Title in the Goods shall not pass until the price of the Goods has been paid in full by the Customer.

Price & Payment

The price of the Goods shall be the price as stated on the Suppliers order form. The Customer will pay the Supplier the full amount or a deposit of at least 50% of the full amount including VAT. The balance of the price of the Goods including VAT will be paid to the Supplier upon delivery of the finished Goods to the Customer.

Supplier's Obligations
The Supplier warrants that the garments description will correspond with the description on the order signed by the customer at the time of purchase. The Supplier shall not be liable for any loss or cancellation of order relating to a change in the dimensions of the customer after the order was placed. The Supplier will not be held liable for any costs incurred on the part of the Customer during the fitting procedure of alter, replace and finally refund, regardless of the outcome of the fitting procedure. The Supplier shall not be held liable for any monetary loss or loss incurred by a third party.

Customer's Obligations

To enable the Supplier to perform the contractual terms and produce a high quality Goods, the Customer must co‐operate with the supplier to enable the supplier to obtain their exact measurements. The Customer must arrange for receipt or collection and for fitting of the garment within a reasonable time. Where a reasonable time is deemed to be within 90 days of purchase. After such time, the supplier reserves the right to destroy or dispose of the garment in question. If the supplier stores the garments beyond 90 days from purchase, a charge of £10 per week will become due. If the Customer agrees with the Supplier to collect the garment outside the reasonable time mentioned previously, the Supplier shall not be liable for any loss relating to a change in the dimensions of the customer after the order was placed. The Customer agrees to attend a fitting following work being carried out on the fit of the Customer's order. Failure by the Supplier to notify the Customer of an order being 'ready for collection' is not grounds for compensation, the Customer has an obligation to make reasonable arrangements for collection of their order. The Customer must book an appointment in furtherance of their order to be ready for the fitting.

Terms & Conditions of Order Placement, Order Changes and Returns

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. It is understood that an order, once it has been submitted and subsequently processed, cannot be cancelled upon commencement of the manufacturing process. Any changes must be made to an order within 24 hours of placing the order; making a change within 24 hours of placing the order does not guarantee that a change can be made. The Supplier will, where possible, endeavour to make changes. All changes to an order, once the order has been processed and where a change remains possible, will carry a £50 change fee per change which is in addition to the difference in any charges associated with that change, be it changes to colours, fabrics, styles, sizes or any other aspect. As each order is personally tailored, the Supplier is unable to resell an order to any Customer other than the Customer placing the order, and as such the Supplier cannot accept returns on the basis of a change of heart on the part of the Customer. Neither can the Supplier accept returns where the Customer requests a change to an existing order and the Supplier cannot fulfil that change. Where there is a dispute between Customer and Supplier over the styling of the order, the record on the Supplier's ordering system is taken as the firm and final order. All customers choosing to use their own fabric for their garments made by the Supplier are obliged to, on demand and where necessary, procure a second quantity of cloth in the event of a replacement. The Supplier retains ultimate discretion on whether a product is deemed faulty or not and whether the cost of the second quantity of cloth is payable by the Supplier or the Customer. The Supplier will not be held liable for any losses incurred as a result of the fulfilment or non‐fulfilment of any order placed using cloth not stocked by the supplier.

In the unlikely event that a manufacturing error has occurred we will follow our strict repair, replace or refund policy up to 1 year after completion of an order. We will require you to return the garment to us for inspection. We are not liable for defects resulting from the customer not following our care instructions or excessive wear and tear beyond expectation of refined natural fibre materials. Should a customer return a garment over one year after completion Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd will not accept responsibility for a faulty garment and will maintain the customer has had fair use of the product.

Terms and Conditions of Deadlines and Deliveries

It is understood that turnaround and dispatch of the orders placed at the Supplier may vary from time to time depending on current order volumes, work schedules, fabric availability or a particular characteristic of the order placed. The Supplier will try its best to comply with the average turnaround of upto 8 weeks. The Supplier will always attempt to deliver to customer requested dates and should in extremely rare cases, there be a delay in the delivery of an order, the Supplier will be held free of all liability. Time is not of the essence.


When undertaking alterations on a Customers own garments the Supplier exercises great care but cannot be held liable for any accidental damage which may occur.

When altering garments the results in drape or shape may not be predictable with changes to original construction and may not be reversible.


Vouchers may only be redeemed in full. Change or balance, cannot be given when any voucher is redeemed. Vouchers may not be used against alterations.

Data Protection

We aim to protect privacy of personal disclosures as far as possible although personalised embroidery and name tags may necessarily offer compromise. Contact details provided by clients will only be used to inform of progress and opportunities of Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd and its associated divisions and any client can opt out of communications by informing Harris and Howard Bespoke Ltd by email text or in writing.

Legal Jurisdiction

All our consumer contracts are governed by English law and shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. English is the official language offered for the conclusion of the contract. The statement of our terms and conditions of trade is in accordance with your statutory rights under the legislation above.