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Casual Wear

Casual Wear


With many companies these days opting away from the formality of business suits and conventional attire altogether, we’re finding ourselves creating more and more casual clothes for clients, offering a wide and varied range of casual shirts, trousers, shorts, sports jackets, blazers, and shoes to suit all tastes. Just because an outfit is casual doesn’t mean to say that you should approach it casually without due care and attention. Fashionable casual clothes still require careful composition and matching to ensure you look the very best, and if you’re in pursuit of a timeless casual look, certain items should be mainstays of your wardrobe.


Our Casual Wear Range

Polo Shirts

The definition of smart-casual attire, polo shirts are a smart essential, offering that classic look that’ll see you from season to season. Designed with comfort and practicality in mind, Harris & Howard polo shirts are constructed from soft yet hardwearing cotton, thus making them wrinkle-resistant, anti-fade, breathable, and durable. These high-performance shirts come in a rainbow of patterns and colors, which include stripes, solids, and checks.

Either short or long-sleeved and cut to your desired length, have a polo shirt made for every casual occasion. Our shirts are finished off with our signature hedgehog embroidered in the bottom right. Finally, couple your polo shirt with a pair of our statement chinos and brogues for a casual look you can’t go wrong with.



You don’t get too long in the UK to let your legs out, so when you get the chance, make sure you do it in style with a pair of our bespoke shorts. Made from high-quality cotton, each pair of our chino shorts are crafted to be durable, breathable, and most importantly - fashionable. With dozens of patterns, prints, and even degrees of stretchiness to peruse, Harris & Howard can sharpen your style with a great pair of men’s shorts.

Stylise your shorts, picking out the cloth, pockets, subtle contrast detailing, and length of cut you desire. We recommend a just-above-the-knee length, however, it’s down to preference and the choice of length is up to you. Whatever your occasion, whether it be a day out at the beach, hitting the golf course, or heading to a party, pair your shorts with your favorite Harris & Howard polo shirt or short sleeve shirt and be set for your day ahead.



Ideal for when you need a diversion from denim, chinos are an all-round favorite here at Harris and Howard Bespoke. Both suitable for work as well as leisure time, they’re made from high-quality cotton fabrics, making them lightweight, versatile, and cool to wear. There are a plethora of cloth colors to choose from.

For the office, we recommend keeping it simple with black, blue, or pastel tones. For your leisure time, be more daring with beige, white, or brightly colored chinos. As with suit pants, chinos are measured and cut to be a perfect, comfortable fit. A garment to be worn all year round, they’re adaptable to virtually any ensemble, plus they’re usually more comfortable than jeans – and in Summer, you can adopt the highly fashionable look of rolling them up slightly and teaming them with a great pair of loafers.