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International Scope

International Scope


Harris & Howard Bespoke always look forward to expanding our reach to new cities and countries. If the passion for custom made clothing by an English clothier is there and the journey can be justified, we will be delighted to consider meeting a new client face-to-face anywhere in the world.

In May 2013, upon the advice of several trusted customers, we made our first trip out to Houston, Texas. We quickly discovered that our American cousins also appreciate the luxury of having well-made clothes brought directly to them, with many enjoying the traditionally British aspect that an English tailor brings. In 2015, with our trips to Houston becoming more prolonged and frequent, we moved into Dallas, Texas, too.

More recently we have expanded into Scottsdale , Arizona.

We are now well-established in the USA and have an extensive repertoire of clients.

Little did we know, America would only be the beginning of our international journey, and Harris & Howard Bespoke is now a global company with operations in many destinations worldwide. Following our initial trip, we’ve continued to grow and have met with clients in New York, Belarus, Ireland, Chicago, Russia, and many more locations.