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Custom Made Jackets


In the past, the tailoring establishment had the saying, “potatoes wear jackets, but gentlemen wear coats.” Today we are less constrained by the terminology and the use of coat, jacket, sports jacket and blazer have become almost interchangeable. The key differences are that the suit jacket has matching pants and possibly a vest; a sports jacket usually has a patterned cloth and horn buttons; while a blazer is crafted from plain fabric with contrasting, usually metal buttons.

From suit jackets, morning coats, sports jackets to blazers, no matter what style of jacket you’re after, Harris & Howard have the expertise and craftsmen’s eye to deliver the highest possible quality. Not all jackets are created equal, even if at first glance, the cloth looks the same. Off-the-peg brands may look good on the shelf but are not designed to fit your exact measurements. They are often made in mass production, which results in poorer construction methods, enabling speed and reproduction, but minimising craftsmanship and durability.

At Harris & Howard, we take pride in the rich history of English tailoring and traditional practices that have been proven over generations, using high-quality materials, which together, with our precise measuring techniques and guidance, ensure you will be delighted with the jacket you’re aiming for. Your clothier will demonstrate a selection from our vast array of cloths. Whether you need comfortable wool for regular country wear, lightweight linen for your upcoming cruise, or a statement piece in grandiose checks that makes sure everyone notices you, we will help create the look you desire.

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Single-Breasted or Double?

A sartorial debate running for centuries – which is supreme: the single-breasted or double-breasted jacket? With its timeless cut and classic detailing, it’s the single-breasted jacket that dominates gentleman’s fashion today. Suiting all body-types, the single-breasted jacket is an adaptable garment, worn for all occasions. The double-breasted jacket, however, has become progressively popular for those wanting to make an impact. A formal alternative to the single-breasted, the double-breasted jacket has developed a slimmer, more fitted cut with modern tailoring and is certainly not an option to be discounted. Both are sharp; both are fashionable – which is going to work best for you?

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Next time you’re in the office, have a look at your co-worker’s jackets - you’ll notice most are wearing the single-breasted jacket. In recent years, it has conquered, making up more than 94% of jackets out there. Fitted with a one, two, or three-button guise; stylized with a notch peak or shawl lapel, it is a versatile, sleek garment that complements even the most challenging of figures.

Suitable for both business and leisure apparel, the nice thing about single-breasted jackets is that they’re perfect for creative layering and can be worn with just about anything underneath – bespoke shirts, thin ties, and even loud, colourful prints. With this style, you can get diverse looks for different occasions that you can’t necessarily achieve with its double-breasted brother.

Epitomizing the smart casual look, pair it with relaxed pants such as chinos or jeans. Alternatively, add conservative brass buttons and patch pockets for a blazer. Pair it with matching pants for a business suit or wear it with a Marcella shirt, bowtie, and satin shawl lapels for that classic formal dinner attire. A garment worn by many of varying age and class, the single-breasted jacket is a timeless style, you can feel comfortable and confident wearing no matter the occasion.

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Made popular in the 1930s and resurging again in the 1980s, the double-breasted jacket is back in full force, creating a powerful impression for the gentleman who wears it. A sophisticated cut; the jacket is styled with three or four buttons on either side of the jacket’s front and paired wide peak lapels, broadening the chest. When selecting the cloth, classic black is most favored; however, it can be mixed it up with checks or dominating pinstripes.

Although often thought not to be as versatile as the more modern single-breasted jacket, there are many ways a tailored double-breasted jacket can be styled. In recent years, it has become clear that as menswear enters a more daring, creative territory, many celebrities, and fashion influencers are making statements sporting the double-breasted jacket with larger-than-life peak lapels.

Unfortunately, they can be challenging to style on some body types; they are best on tall, slim gentleman. However, with bespoke tailoring, adding wider peak lapels with a shortened length can provide an elongated and slim-line appearance for other shapes of the torso too. When donning the double-breasted jacket with its sharp cuts and sleek tailoring, you’ll be sure to make sartorial waves upon entering the boardroom.