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Custom Made Shirts

Custom Made Shirts


For a gentleman new to the world of bespoke tailoring, a custom made shirt is a perfect introduction. It’s their discovery into how selecting shirts simply by collar size bears no comparison to a shirt that has been tailored precisely to their own measurements and style. Whether you like to keep it simple with solid crisp whites or you enjoy a variety of colors, stripes, and checks, there’s no mistaking the look and feel of a shirt that’s been individually crafted for you.

Ready-to-wear shirts are usually selected by collar size alone or sometimes combined with a sleeve length option, but generally are baggy since they are made to accommodate the largest possible audience. At Harris & Howard Bespoke, selecting from the wide choice of collar, cuffs, pocket shapes, and buttons are just some of the advantages of investing in your own custom shirt. Hand-cut, sewn and finished by our expert artisans, we have hundreds of cloths to choose from, including cotton, silks, poplins and linens.

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The Details

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Measured To Fit

Our clothiers take all the essential measurements, and detailed posture notes to ensure your shirts are tailored precisely to you. We are sure to listen to your preferences in terms of shape and form while taking over 20 precise measurements for the shirt (such as neck, chest, arms, and wrists),to gain the fit that you’re aiming.

Each shirt is designed to a length and cut that flatters your body shape, allows for ease of movement and an all-round comfortable fit. If necessary, we can even allow for a little extra room around the cuff to accommodate for your watch.

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Color Matching

From bold hues to classic white, picking shades to suit your complexion, hair color and your existing wardrobe will make selecting your outfit a real pleasure each day. With hundreds of shades of shirt colors available, some will naturally suit you better than others.

Our clothiers will work with you to determine which variations work best for you and will also help you to discover the patterns and textures you enjoy so there is a range of shirt options for you to select through in order to match both your business and casual wear.

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Cloth Selection

How many shirts should a man have in his wardrobe? Generally, one for every day of the month would be perfect, but that makes for a lot of cloth to select! Selecting the cloth for your shirt can be tricky, and even a little bit daunting. We have hundreds of cloth swatches to pick from, and many can look the same or similar, making it difficult to know which is the right one for you.

Our dedicated team of clothiers are here to help guide you towards the cloth that is both functional and a delight to wear. Once you’ve decided on your main cloth, take a step even further by adding a contrasting or subtle trim to the shirt. Selecting from the many checks, stripes, floral patterns, paisleys and prints available at Harris & Howard makes for a delightful part of creating your custom-made shirt. Add a contemporary twist to your classic crisp white shirt with an elegant floral trim or, elevate your casualwear with a bold check shirt paired with a bright colored trim on the underside of the collar and cuff. With a vast range of trim fabrics to choose from and the option to add the contrasting fabric virtually anywhere on your shirt, the creativity you can have with your main cloth and trim is endless and a great way to make your shirt personal to you.